Sunday, August 14, 2011

Ymir and Purusha - Bad guys deformed to universe

Ymir :
As per norse mythology the universe originated from chaos - Ginnungagap,  and the world was formed by the chief gods. Vili,Ve kill the giant Ymir and create universe. And the following elements are formed,flesh-dirt
maggots - dwarfs
teeth- rocks
brain - sky,clouds,
Brimir and Blainn - instead of caste they found races of dwarfs

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- In Hindu mythology, universe originated from chaos, sunyam. Purusha is a giant who was sacrified by gods to make elements of universe. Brahmins - mouth, Ksatriya-arms, Vaisyas- thighs, Sudras -feet.Mooon- mind
Sun - eyes
Breath - wind
Heaves - skull
Indra and Agni - mouth
Moral of the story: You always wondered why the world is so bad. When the universe is made with debris of bad guys, what do you expect?

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  1. Well.. the elders always encourage us to avoid straying towards the darkness by remembering our values and love. Love your insight!

  2. And I used to think the world was so bad because of Apple.
    Nice blog by the way. :D

  3. Maggots = dwarves? That's not very nice haha.

  4. Cool blog:)
    Just asking, are you Hindu?
    Cos I am, and I get soo confused with all the different gods and the way they transform into each other....
    But I bought a Hindu mythology book once, and it really cleared things up!
    Follow me! :D

  5. You see the world as being evil for being made of recycled bad guys, but I see it as being 'green.' Or 'environmentally conscious.'

  6. that's pretty interesting...

  7. our universe is recycled from asshole leftovers. this actually makes sense given the current global economic crisis. ha

  8. with a moustache like that, hes definately guilty