Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wolves-Hati and Skoll and Serpent-Rahu and Kethu - Eclipse story

Hati and Skoll - As per Norse mythology, these two are giant wolves because of whom we get night and day. Hati Wolf chases moon (God Mani) all through the night and Skoll wolf chases sun(Goddess Solveig) all through the day to eat them since Loki tricked them saying sun and moon were tasty eatable dishes.
And sometimes when Hati manages to capture the moon, it results as lunar eclipse and when Skoll happens to capture sun we get solar eclipse.
Rahu and Kethu - As per hindu mythology, during milk churn process one of the Asuras Sukracharya managed to disguise as Deva and drank the immortality nectar. The planets (snitches) Sun and Moon happened to notice the trick and complained about him to Vishnu.

Rahu Ketu
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And Vishnu acted immediately and chopped of the daemon. But it was already too late and he had already swallowed the nectar and he was immortal. So, the chopped head attached itself to a serpent's body and came to be known as Rahu and the torso attached itself to head of snake and came to be known as Kethu.

Rahu and Kethu chase moon and sun and when Rahu manages to swallow the moon it results in lunar Eclipse and when Kethu manages to swallow the Sun it results in solar Eclipse.

Looks like viking wolves are chasing sun and moon for food and the indian snakes are chasing sun and moon to take revenge and both sun and moon are evading from them in their chariots in both mythology.
Sun is a gal in Norse mythology and a guy in hindu mythology. So, the questions is who is sun? A son or daughter?
Moral of story : Think twice before becoming a snitch.Snitches and informants always need to lead the life on the run around the orbit.

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  1. It's never good to be a tattle-tale, and living life on the run - always looking over your shoulder is no way to live at all!

  2. Don't think anyone is ever a fan of snitches.

  3. Did you think about this during the day or night? ha,ha,ha,ha,ha...

  4. I hate tattle tales... be they a child, or the next door neighbor...

  5. ahh yeah no one likes sniutches