Saturday, May 10, 2014

Mimir/Odin and Shiva/Kannapar - Eye donors of mythological era


Norse mythology - Barter
Mimir wisest god in Midgard. He had lovely garden with rare plants around a adorable precious fountain. Any one who drank water from that fountain became wise.
Odin he approached Mimir and asked him to let him drink water in order to obtain wisdom. But Mimir demanded price for that. Odin was ready to offer all the riches of Asgard, Midguard everything. And he said that since he is king of all men and gods he had to obtain wisdom. He was even to offer his 8 legged horse Sleipnir but Mimir wasn't interested in tangible assests and wanted an important part of his body as price and Odin agreed and he pulled out his eye and paid the price.
After having a drink from that fountain, Odin become so wise, clairvoyant everything.
Before drinking from the fountain, he had no brains, else why would he pull out his eye when he was alive?

To rule men and gods you need to have wisdom? what a lousy thought. Leaders of nation aren't supposed to have brains.

Hindu mythology - Donate
Kannapar: "Kan" literally means eye. Kannapar was born as Thinnan in a hunter family. He didnt know how to worship Lord Shiva - Lingam.

Idol worship has some rituals - wash the idol with water, turmeric, milk, mashed banana and honey and much more and then wash again and then decorate the idol with flowers and clothes and jewels while chanting slogans in sanskrit or archaic tamil chants.
Thinnan's way of worshipping included washing no bathing linga with spit. He would fill his mouth with water from river nearby and then spit on the idol and then throw flowers on the idol and he serve the idol flesh and raw meat from the prey he hunted.
He basically desecrated the sanctorum. Shiva loved it and accepted his devotion.
One day to test and prove his devotion to others, the eyes of lingam came alive and the hunter was all excited and danced in excitement and trance. Then one of the eyes from the lingam started to bleed and Thinnan couldnt do anything to stop it, so he used his arrow and pulled out his eyeball (slumdog spoon the eyes?) and placed it on the idol. Then the bleeding stopped. Later other eye started to bleed and this time, the hunter placed his foot on the other eye, and started to pull out his other eye.

He did so because he thought that after losing the second eye he maynt be able to find the eye in the idol and his foot marked the spot, Eye-stein hunter?
Then Shiva appeared before him and restored his eyes and made him Kannapa nayanar and gave him place in his abode Kailash - Nayanar/Nachiyar is kinda Duke/Duchess title with immortality in hindu mythology.
Moral of the story:
Morons donate their organs when they are alive and mega morons don't even after they are dead.

Saturday, May 3, 2014

Crow/Apollo and Elephant/Dirgathapas - Cursed flyer and cursed singer

Liar! Liar! your wings arent on Flyer

Greek mythology : White lies leads to black feathers

Corvus, the Crow
Legend tells us that the crow once had silver white feathers and a beautiful singing voice. One morning the god Apollo sent the crow to fetch a cup of water.

Having spied some half-ripened figs, the crow lingered at the spring waiting for them to ripen. He had quite a feast, but soon realized he was due for a scolding from Apollo for his tardiness.

The crow lied to Apollo about his whereabouts but Apollo could easily tell the crow was lying.

He angrily punished him by changing the color of his feathers to black and condemning him to be known in the future for his croak instead of his song.

Hindu mythology : Even non-flyers hate heavy flyers


In olden days elephants had wings and they were able to fly. One day they tried to rest on top of a big tree and a yogi was teaching his students under that tree. And the branches broke unable to withstand the weight of the tree and it fell on the kids and also on the yogi.
This pushed Yogi into raging fire of inferno, as usual as any Yogi he cursed the elephants to loose their wings. And from that day onwards elephants had no wings and they lost their flight.

So, what would have Yogi done if any bird shat on him? He would have cursed them to be deprived of ..? whatever, I think people in olden days needed more anger management classes.

Yogis are supposed to meditate everyday if not all day.

 Reminds me of Seinfield episode, "Serenity now" 
"Bottles up the anger and then eventually and you blow"
"You were in the nut house"
"What do you think put me there?"
"They found a family in your freezer"
"Serenity now, insanity later"

Moral of the story:

There is a reason why cherries grow on trees big and huge and pumpkins grow on creepers. You wouldnt mind standing under a cherry tree but under a pumpkin tree?
Ok, crow is despicable because of black feathers and croak - what about seagulls then?