Saturday, April 26, 2014

Cat/Thor and Monkey/Bheema - Light lifting is heavy

Norse mythology: Cat's paw

Utgard-Loki(King of Frost giants) gave Thor number of tests to prove his strength.
1. Drain the horn in three drought: He was able to drink he wasnt able to empty it.
2. Lift the cat: He was able to move only one paw
3. Move the grandma : He wasnt able to move grandma but she managed to bring him to his knee.

Thor is one of The mightest gods in Norse mythology. He is the strongest, heaviest and bravest of all.
Thor couldnt pass single test and he left in shame next day.

Then the king reveled Thor that the cat's paw was the enormous serpent Jormungand who was long and strong that he could circle the entire world. And being able to lift his paw was remarkable. The horn had its other end in sea. And that old age woman, against her no man had any defense. So, Thor didnt loose but magic just won.

Hindu mythology: Monkey's tail

Not just between Norse/Greek/Indian mythologies you have stories similar in their own mythologies. In Ramayana Sita would urge her husband Rama to catch a golden deer. In Mahabharatha Draupati asked one of her husbands Bheema to fetch the fragrant lotus flowers after getting to smell one of them brought to her by the wind.

Bheema went in search of those flowers and on the way he saw a old fragile monkey with its tail stretched on his path way. He kinda raised his voice and told monkey in a patronizing tone "monkey, move your tail". The monkey replied, "I am too old and weak, if you could please move the tail yourself"
Bheema got down to move the tail but he couldnt, he tried and tried but couldnt.


Bheema is one of the five brothers Pandhavas known for his strength. He is mightest of all and bravest and the heaviest as well. He never thought that he couldnt lift a fragile monkey's tail. He was humbled.

With humility he requested monkey to reveal himself realising that it could be no ordinary monkey. Then the monkey revealed himself - it was none other than the Monkey god - Hanuman from Ramayana who served Rama and Sita.

Moral of the story:
King George is an hero in British and vicious villain in France.
Sleeping with many is termed as as macho-stud in men and as slutty in women.

In my story, if I dont win something, it is always because of tricks and magic by the bad-guys.

Saturday, April 19, 2014

Poseidon/Athena and Sakthi/Shiva : Gender wars

Greek mythology

The King Cecrops wanted to find a patron deity for his city state. Both Poseidon and Athena wanted to be the deity. In order to choose one of them, the city patrons set a contest and both of them were to give the most valuable gift to the city.

 He struck the earth powerfully and created a well with his trident. Immediately, streaming water shot forth, but the water turned out to be salty and not very useful for the population.(Some claim that he struck his trident and brought a horse)

 Athena stepped forward, struck her spear into the ground and then she kneeled and planted an olive branch in it. This way she created an olive tree, as a symbolization of peace and prosperity on earth.

Winner: Athena won because her Olive tree shall become Greek identity for centuries. Virgin Olive? I dont know about that. Olive garden is mini-Itlay not exactly mini-greece.
The city was named as Athens to honor Athena.

The angry and insulted Poseidon cursed Athens with water shortage problem.


Hindu mythology

Dakshan father for Sakthi conducted Yaga(special prayer) and invited everyone except his son-in-law Lord Shiva and his eloped daughter Shakthi. The enraged Shakthi came down to fight with her dad for disrespecting her husband. Shiva warned her that she wouldnt be able to convince him or make things right instead she shall only be humiliated. She fought with him and went against Shiva's warning. She and her hubby both were humiliated and insulted and she jumped into fire to disrupt the yaga.
Shiva rescued her from fire and took her to his abode Kailash and the fight continued and he pulled "I told you so". The enraged Sakthi fought back saying there is no Shiva without Sakthi and Shiva argued back saying there is no Sakthi without Shiva.

Both fought tooth and nail - say she threw necklace as eagle to fight his snake which he wore as a ornament around his neck. The fight is called Rudrathandavam (angry-dance).
At his height of rage, Shiva lifted Sakthi and put her on his shoulder and spun her around non-stop in extreme force and speed. Sakthi's bodies tore into 108 pieces and landed on earth. Every part that fell on earth became holy place of worship for Shakthi. They even have a temple in India where her vagina fell down and is worshipped by all women who have menstrual problems.

Fun fact:
That is India for you, they wont allow women inside temple during menstrutal period or dare to touch a woman during her menstrual period(not in 50Shades of Grey way). But, no woman shall be allowed inside home during her time of the month or be allowed to cook or touch anyone.
But they built a temple for Sakthi's vagina(Yoni) (Kamagiri in Assam) and till day they do special poojas(prayers) and they close temple for three days (Ambuvachi) and reopen on fourth day  during her "time of the month".
Do you also know - one of Lord Vishnu's avatar Ranganathan's consort/concubine is a muslim(Nachiyar) and she has her own temple but in the same Ranganathan temple in Srirangam they dont allow non-hindus inside the shrine?

Anyway back to story,

Finally all other gods and subjects pleaded to Shiva and subdued his rage and he brought Sakthi back alive. Verdict was - the world needs both Shiva and Sakthi - both equally and Shiva doesnt exist without Sakthi and Sakthi doesnt exist without Shiva. The unison of both - lingam - is the most powerful of all.

Winner :
Ardhanarishavar - Androgynous form of both Shiva and Sakthi. Half of Shiva and Half of Sakthi. No not trangenders. They are upper half and lower half - horizontal whereas Ardhanarishvar is left half(Sakthi) and right half(Shiva).

Moral of the story:
In the fight versus Men Vs Women,clearly the winner is always a woman. It is always a pyrhic victory for men. Never ever fight a gal.

See, Poseidon made water salty and non-potable and cursed Athens with watershortage problems adding more oily points to Athena and Shiva tore Sakthi to pieces gaining more sympathy votes for Parvati.

Joe Biden Vs Sarah Palin or Hilary Clinton Vs Sarah Palin?