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Poseidon/Athena and Sakthi/Shiva : Gender wars

Greek mythology

The King Cecrops wanted to find a patron deity for his city state. Both Poseidon and Athena wanted to be the deity. In order to choose one of them, the city patrons set a contest and both of them were to give the most valuable gift to the city.

 He struck the earth powerfully and created a well with his trident. Immediately, streaming water shot forth, but the water turned out to be salty and not very useful for the population.(Some claim that he struck his trident and brought a horse)

 Athena stepped forward, struck her spear into the ground and then she kneeled and planted an olive branch in it. This way she created an olive tree, as a symbolization of peace and prosperity on earth.

Winner: Athena won because her Olive tree shall become Greek identity for centuries. Virgin Olive? I dont know about that. Olive garden is mini-Itlay not exactly mini-greece.
The city was named as Athens to honor Athena.

The angry and insulted Poseidon cursed Athens with water shortage problem.


Hindu mythology

Dakshan father for Sakthi conducted Yaga(special prayer) and invited everyone except his son-in-law Lord Shiva and his eloped daughter Shakthi. The enraged Shakthi came down to fight with her dad for disrespecting her husband. Shiva warned her that she wouldnt be able to convince him or make things right instead she shall only be humiliated. She fought with him and went against Shiva's warning. She and her hubby both were humiliated and insulted and she jumped into fire to disrupt the yaga.
Shiva rescued her from fire and took her to his abode Kailash and the fight continued and he pulled "I told you so". The enraged Sakthi fought back saying there is no Shiva without Sakthi and Shiva argued back saying there is no Sakthi without Shiva.

Both fought tooth and nail - say she threw necklace as eagle to fight his snake which he wore as a ornament around his neck. The fight is called Rudrathandavam (angry-dance).
At his height of rage, Shiva lifted Sakthi and put her on his shoulder and spun her around non-stop in extreme force and speed. Sakthi's bodies tore into 108 pieces and landed on earth. Every part that fell on earth became holy place of worship for Shakthi. They even have a temple in India where her vagina fell down and is worshipped by all women who have menstrual problems.

Fun fact:
That is India for you, they wont allow women inside temple during menstrutal period or dare to touch a woman during her menstrual period(not in 50Shades of Grey way). But, no woman shall be allowed inside home during her time of the month or be allowed to cook or touch anyone.
But they built a temple for Sakthi's vagina(Yoni) (Kamagiri in Assam) and till day they do special poojas(prayers) and they close temple for three days (Ambuvachi) and reopen on fourth day  during her "time of the month".
Do you also know - one of Lord Vishnu's avatar Ranganathan's consort/concubine is a muslim(Nachiyar) and she has her own temple but in the same Ranganathan temple in Srirangam they dont allow non-hindus inside the shrine?

Anyway back to story,

Finally all other gods and subjects pleaded to Shiva and subdued his rage and he brought Sakthi back alive. Verdict was - the world needs both Shiva and Sakthi - both equally and Shiva doesnt exist without Sakthi and Sakthi doesnt exist without Shiva. The unison of both - lingam - is the most powerful of all.

Winner :
Ardhanarishavar - Androgynous form of both Shiva and Sakthi. Half of Shiva and Half of Sakthi. No not trangenders. They are upper half and lower half - horizontal whereas Ardhanarishvar is left half(Sakthi) and right half(Shiva).

Moral of the story:
In the fight versus Men Vs Women,clearly the winner is always a woman. It is always a pyrhic victory for men. Never ever fight a gal.

See, Poseidon made water salty and non-potable and cursed Athens with watershortage problems adding more oily points to Athena and Shiva tore Sakthi to pieces gaining more sympathy votes for Parvati.

Joe Biden Vs Sarah Palin or Hilary Clinton Vs Sarah Palin?


  1. Gods are such sore losers. They need to get over it. Geez if the whole world worked that way the planet would be shut down during that time of the month lol

    1. Maybe they should do that. Shut down the planet for time of the month. Less tension? Unless all gals are in heat around same time. What about that early once period pill?

    2. *yearly - once a year not early .hehehe

  2. I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't let my wife inside our house when she's on her period. I mean, yes, it's probably very cold outside, but I don't want her inside here just bleeding all over everything. Gross!

    1. We don't have a word for ice or snow in my native language Tamil. No it is never going to be cold outside.

      I think you made a wise voice. How to handle a woman during her time kf the month? Chuck her out of the house throw a pillow and rug and let her sleep outside. Quarantine is the magic word to handle hormones. Women and dogs not so much different? Barkers got to stay outside?

  3. "Joe Biden Vs Sarah Palin or Hilary Clinton Vs Sarah Palin?"

    How about a vote for "none of the above"?

    And I never knew Poseidon could be such a dick!

    1. Aren't you from one of the swing states? Come on Dan.. You gotto cast your vote to prove that you aren't sexist. Yes if you didn't elect a woman we are going to label the entire state as male chavinist state or sexist state.

      All Greeks are freaks. Poseidon is no different. When they don't shag their sister or their mother they have to bother others.

    2. I'm an independent which means I have no affiliation with either Republicans or Democrats. So my vote stands at none of the above. You can read more on that in the near future on my blog.

      As for the Greeks...I find mythology interesting. Just never studied it enough to know how much of a freak they can be!

    3. I will sure pop in to check out your post on that Dan. Shouldnt miss your rant on politics.

      Mythology is pretty interesting. I find religion as well interesting only I dont believe in following them or taking them word for word and wage war or label people. I appreciate the imagination, creativity and captivating entertaining aspects in that, it is not that we cant learn anything from them.

      Imagine if heroes/villians of today like Lincoln, Mandela, Malala and Hitler, Rajapaksa, Kim Jong Un are all gods and their lifestyle or the lifestyle they wanted is religion and their speeches are to be taken word for word to dictate life our life and force us to dictate others life too.

  4. So an olive tree (virgin oil or not) was the most valuable gift to the city? Why do myths always remind me of soap series Those gods are so sensitive. A bit of anger management would do the trick. 108 pieces? Not 109? Who did the counting? Maybe a few bits got lost. You never know, right? Angie went to Omkareshwar, a place where if I remember correctly Shiva himself appeared as a pillar of fire. The things that gods do is clearly beyond me.

    1. Shiva pillar story is another interesting one. Before Hindu Muslim Christianity war the Hindus used to fight between Shiva and Vishnu. Whose dog is better kinda fight. Pillar story was to say Shiva was chief and best of all and they had another story to say Vishnu won Shiva and he is the best of all . in olden days people had too much time on their hands.

      About 108 pieces yeah. Actually in Hinduism there is something with singular and multiples of 9 being special and all. And 7 is another auspicious too. 8 and even numbers aren't preferred. Nine gems, nine avatars, nine grains too many.
      Anyway some of the holy places in Pakistan have already been demolished to pieces even some in India during Mugal rule.

      Olive I don't know, my vote is for coconut. Not Hawaii ones that taste like sugar water and beer but south Indian coconut water and coconut oil.

    2. Ah that makes perfect sense to me. Like 64MB and 128MB and then 256MB, 512MB.... Yep, I get it. Well, all I know is that gods and humans alike love war, we need it, we write about it, we feel important when we show our enemy the finger on CNN. Power power power prestige prestige I'm good he's not he's a moron power to the people to us to me yesssssssss

      Sorry, I often step into the trap of modernist stream of consciousness when I get upset. Now all I need is a south Indian coconut because that one is beter than all the other coconuts in the world espeially Hawaiian coconuts that taste like shit no like sugar water yesssss


    3. P.S. Check out that tongue. Does that look normal to you?

    4. Perfect analogy blue. :) I see what you did there with coconut. :)
      When I came to US, I could never find coconuts anywhere all we had was coconut water/drink and that would always taste like beer+sugarwater or someother fruit's flavor added to it. And so one time I bought raw coconuts from a korean store or something, I am not sure but it wasnt regular store, guess what then I realised why coconut isnt famous here.

      About that tongue, I take that you dont like Miley Cyrus?

    5. Why, thank you. I needed a compliment. Have not been feeling too well. Anychick, let's read on. Miley... she could've been THIS guy's daughter.