Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Sleipnir and Shasta - Offspring of drag queens?

Sleipnir : In norse mythology, Sleipnir is a eight-legged horse born to Svadilfari Stallion and Mare version of Loki ( Norse narada)
Gods needed help from one of disguised Hrimthurs(Asuras) to build a wall Asguard in exchange for sun, moon and Freiya with aggressive deadline. With the magic work horse (Svadilfari) the bad guy was able to complete almost 95% of task, to prevent the win and in fear of losing sun,moon gods put pressure on Loki and Loki disguised himself as sexy mare and distracted the Stallion,Svadilfari. Svadilfari and Loki, have one-night-stand and it wasnt a "stable" relationship but just a "wild night", inspite sometime later, beautiful Sleipnir was born to dragqueen-coltmama-Loki.

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Shasta: The agenda of milky ocean churning process(Asgaurd wall building process) was to obtain nectar of immortality. But the devas(demi-gods) and gods didnt want Asuras(Hrimthurs) to become immortal. So after obtaining the nectar, trickster god Vishnu(Loki) disguised himself as Mohini- a beautiful fairy princess and  distracted Asuras and fed immortality nectar only to devas and cheated the Asuras who were dumbstruck with Mohini's beauty. Not only them.
Lord Shiva, the alpha god packed with lust and libido, ignored his wife Parvati or was too busy to realise that his wife was nearby and violently hugged the beautiful female form of Vishnu-Mohini and that union (Harihara) resulted in birth of divine god Shasta/Ayyanar/Ayyapan.

(Analytical part of my brain still wants to question the theory of 23 chromosomes and ovaries and stuff, but say what ...forget it..
people do you know how hard is for ladies to survive the crazy bitchy three days in a month for around 25-30 years of life only for this ? ..)

Moral of the story: Ever wondered why you always found drag-queen showgirls more attractive in Las-vegas than real ones? Now you know.


  1. You are taking this to a different platform. :-)

  2. lol omg look at that moustache!

  3. Love your fresh perspectives :) Cool!!

  4. Crap if I knew violent hugs caused pregnancy I would have skipped intercourse all together. Not that I don't enjoy a good romp. Just that it would save me a lot of time in trying to plan out time to do that with a busy schedule lol

  5. @L.A.C.E - Completely agree with you.
    Ovulation, pills, blah blah blah