Saturday, August 6, 2011

Toymaker Lord Shiva or Santa's elf

I am not sure whether this truely originated in India. Anyway I like this one.
Lord Shiva one day was pretty bored and wanted to make some toys. Ladies bake some cakes, he being a guy tried making toys.
He made three lovely toys from divine clay and baked them.Out of curiosity he pulled out one of the toys and it was half baked and was pale with freckles. After waiting for a while and when he felt that time was right he pulled out the second toy. And the second toy was absolutely gorgeous. He was mesmerised by the beauty of the toy and was so proud about himself.
In meanwhile he lost track of time admiring his toy and forgot about the third toy. When he realised burnt smell he pulled out last toy and it was burnt yet gorgeous and beautiful.
At that time Brahma- the god of creation walked in and told him that he wanted to create a project where the new creature was supposed to have 6 senses and wanted that creature to be better than anyother creature he had ever made. And asked Shiva where he can share his ideas on how to design, then Shiva brought his toys and gave it to Brahma.
The creation was human.
  The halfbaked toys - the whites,
  and beautiful ones - Indians
  and the burnt ones - Blacks.

Moral of the story : Nope, I am not a racist,, the better moral is always to use timer while baking, doesnt matter if you are baking cake or toy.

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  1. haha, NICE safe there with that non-racist disclaimer.

  2. @Mranthrope-hahaha, I believe the gorgeous one suits better for Brazilians and middleeasterners than Indians, wont you agree?