Sunday, August 7, 2011

Nephew Killer - Cronos or Kamsa?

What do Kamsa in hindu mythology and Cronos in Greek mythology have in common?
 Cronos - Cronos swallowed the kids born to his wife/sister Rhea fearing the prophecy that his own kid shall overthrow him from his throne. Kamsa killed his nephews and nieces immediately after they were born fearing the prophecy that one of his nephew would kill him.

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Kamsa - Kamsa overthrew his dad Ugrasena(Uranus) and became the king of mathura . His sister Devaki's(Rhea) eighth child as per prophecy was supposed to kill him for all the bad deeds he had done. So, he prisoned her and her husband and after birth of each child he would kill them and was able to do that to six of them. The eighth child Krishna(Zeus) was carried in crate by his dad and the baby girl born to the Yasodha (Amalthea/Melissa/Adamanthea/Adrastea) was exchanged(instead of stone) hoping that Kamsa would spare the baby girl since the prophecy was about a nephew and not niece. The eighth kid was raised by the yadhavas(curetes) and he grew up on cow's milk (unlike goat's milk) and butter.
And as per prophecy Krishna kills his uncle Kamsa in the end.

Moral of the story: Castrate your brother-in-law or use condom or put your sister on pills or least use your brain and dont put your sister and her hubby in same room.

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