Thursday, August 4, 2011

Adam's apple or Shiva's Poison

Since July month was movie month, I thought I would post some one page stories from India for August.
Adam's apple:
Here is the old Indian wife's tale version for adam's apple in guys.
File:Sagar mathan.jpgThis happened immediately after the world was created by Lord Shiva.To attain immortality the gods and daemons had to churn the milky ocean (milky way) and obtain the nectar of immortality(amutham). Size does matter right? If you had to churn a pot of milk you can use churning tool and rope and get the job done with two hands.

If you had to churn the ocean? You need to think big, so a mountain became the churning tool and ginarmous serpent became the rope. And as usual the trickster Vishnu[Hindu god] tricked the Asuras[bad guys] to take the head and Devas[good guys] held the tail. So, the asuras lost their light skin and became brown/black guys because of the venom the serpent had been spitting on them ;) And when the mountain started to sink, Vishnu took avatar of turtle and held the mountain on his back till the churning process was complete.

Just like the foam in butter churning, they got the poison first [allahala]. They had no place to throw the poison out, so the alpha god of hindusim Shiva came for rescue, he offered to swallow the poison, and did that as well. Immediately the alarmed wife , Shakthi held his throat so tight that the poison stayed in his throat. And that is why all guys have adam's apple which is actually a permanent poison stuck in their food/wind pipe.

Moral of the story : So, ladies please forgive their badmouth. It's not them, it is poison in their throat which makes them talk that way!

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  1. So, ladies please forgive their badmouth. It's not them, it is poison in their throat which makes them talk that way!

    .....ha,ha,ha,ha,ha,ha..... silly!

  2. as a dude with vocal/throat medical problems...this poison theory actually makes a lot of sense!

  3. I like that story, good and unique.

  4. Knowing how much time and energy it takes to churn milk, I'll never look at butter the same way again....

  5. I'm glad I caught your latest post. Now I'm playing catch up. This is quite interesting. Thanks for sharing!