Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Moses and Vasudev - Water dividers

During birth of Jesus, all the babies born were ardered to be killed by the king.
Moses led people eastward and during the journey he was caught between devil( the army of the king) and deep sea(red sea). In order for them to cross and escape and proceed God divided the waters and let the people walk through and then closed it again.
His faithful follower Joshua inherited that talent as well.

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Vasudev: During birth of Krishna, all the babies born were ordered to be killed by the king Kamsa- Vasudev's brother-in-law.
Just like the divine voice that advised Joesph to accept virgin mom Mary, Vasudev also heard divine voice saying  "Take this child across the Yamuna River to Gokul and exchange him with Yashoda’s daughter. You will return to the prison before anyone comes to know about the birth of this child."
And in order to save the baby from getting killed, Vasudev carried the baby Krishna in a basket on top of his head and when he had to cross the flooded river Yamuna.

And it was quite flooded that time and yet the water parted and gave Vasudev way to proceed with the baby and the fiveheaded snake acted as an umbrella and prottected the baby from getting wet.

Vasudev  reached the opposite bank of the river safely and found all the people of Gokul fast asleep.
 He entered the palace of king Nanda and queen Yashoda, and put the baby Krishna in the place of Yashoda’s baby girl. Then Vasudev returned to the prison with the baby girl.

Moral of the story : The world's best invention to me is paternity/DNA testing. Think about all the these old wives tales.


  1. Wow, this is cool. :) I already knew the Moses story xD

  2. aye ima trades student, last 10 weeks and i graduate. moses looks tough in that pic

  3. The morals always sum it up humorously and accurately.

  4. you don't need testing, they are stupid as hell, they did not notice their GIRL is now a BOY , what is wrong with them..... he is a dude... right ?

  5. moses's exodus was well before the birth of jesus, just to be clear.

  6. interesting. i love theese stories

  7. Interesting to see the parallels between these two stories. And I'll have to agree that Vasudev looks really buff in that picture.

  8. @Bart- Thanks dude.School is also like marriage rite? All students always wait to get out of college and all ex-students cant wait to get back into college.
    @Jazz- True that.Yep, he is a dude. Dont let the jewels and hairdo fool ya.:)
    @E- Thanks so much. Lucky I have you to correct the mistakes I make often with history.:)
    @ABFTS - Yep,agree with you

  9. lol. All this ancient baby mama drama!

  10. I don't have to worry about dna tests. I use the only 100% foolproof birth control method: sodomy.