Friday, August 19, 2011

Medea/Aedon and Satyabama - Maternal filicide criminals

Medea- in greek mythology, this lady was betrayed by her partner Jason who left her for Glauce/Creusa. The deranged Medea killed her two sons born to Jason.
Continuing yesterday's story, Aedon  also killed her son Itys and served him as food to his own father Polytechnus, to avenge his betrayal- to gift her own sister Chelidon as slave to her. [Greek mommies are brutal]

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Satyabhama- Incarnation of Bhumadevi(Goddess earth). She bore a kid with Vishnu when he was in boar avatar. As per the myth, the Vishnu avatar lifted the lady earth after the battle with Asura-Hiranyaksha in his horns which was tainted with blood of Hiranyaksha.
So, the son born Narakasura had two biological dads (Vishnu and Hiranyaksha). Since he had asura blood in him, he engaged in bad things and Krishna to save the world fought with him, and during battle he hurt Krishna and the deranged wife of Krishna killed Narakasura in rage without knowing for fact that he is indeed her son.

Medea killed her kids to avenge her cheating husband Jason, Sathyabama killed her son to avenge the wound her hubby inflicted from their son.

 If I am damn scared of my mommy, now you know why.

Moral of the story: There is one cardinal rule. Never bring(kill) kids in(to) parents fight.

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  1. polytechno? is he the father of techno?

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