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Alcmene and Ahalya - Victims of masqueraders Zeus and Indran

Alcmene - Wife of Amphitryon beautiful woman on whom Zeus had his eyes on.
One time Amphitryon left on quest against the Taphians and Teleboans.
Zeus disguised himself as Amphitryon and had intercourse with her for around 3 days.
 When Amphitryon finally returned to Thebes, Alcmene told him that he had come the night before and slept with her.
She later gave birth to Hercules, son of Zeus.

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Ahalya - Ahalya is one of Brahma's beautiful creations. She was married to the hermit Gautama. But she remained a virgin even after marriage and lived in same house with her husband.
One day Gautama left to river ganges on his quest to take bath.The demigod Indran tried to deceive Ahalya and tried to consummate with her when Gautama was away. But she refused his proposal.

So, Indran disguised himself as Gautama and had intercourse with her.
 (Whether she cuckolded her old husband on purpose or was really a victim of disguise is still a million dollar question.)
Gautama on his return from his bathing ritual in Ganges(river) came  to know about this, immediately became infuriated.

He cursed Indra to become a mutant with 1000 vaginas(???!!) and with no balls.
Later after plead from Brahma it was reduced to 1000 eyes.
 So, the curse from have 1000 whispering-eyes was reduced to 1000 eyes.
He cursed Ahalya to become a stone because she even being a virgin was expected to distinguish the scent of her husband from another male.
 Her curse was to be absolved if Rama stepped on her during his exile in forest.

Moral of the story: Try chastity belt on your wife and carry the key with you.

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  1. Seriously, these moral ideas can come out only from your "thinking cap" .... ha,ha,ha,ha...

  2. Because knowledge is power! Good stuff!

  3. ahh wicked youve got your blog up again

  4. the story didn't make any sense to me! ;/

  5. Wives are supposed to distinguish the smell of their husbands from other men? Really?

    Love the moral...

  6. @Chitra-Thnx.
    @Shutterbug-You arent alone. Anyway in greek mythology Hercules is brought up as his own son and Amphitryon forgives his wife because it isnt her fault. But here she is cursed :)
    @Diplodaddy - When Gautama curses her she tries to say that she didnt know that Indra had disguised as her husband, he accuses her saying she should have been able to find the fake guy from his smell for which she replies, I hadnt slept with you then how am I supposed to know your smell.

  7. Interesting. The thing is, everyone one has a distinct smell, sleeping with them or not. The question is was she close enough to him to get his scent. Did they hug? If they weren't in close proximity as a hug then I buy it. Otherwise, yep, she totally knew what she was doing.