Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Jörmungandr and Ananthasesha - World bearers as a ring

Jörmungandr - in Norse mythology, Jörmungandr is a huge serpent and son of Loki and Angrboa. The serpent grew bigger and bigger and Odin threw him into the ocean. The serpent circled the earth and was able to hold his tail in his mouth. As per mythology if the serpent lets go off its tail from its mouth the world may face its doomsday.

Ananthasesha - in Hindu mythology, the world is held by four elephants resting on top of a turtle named Kurmaraja which is supported by the anatha sesha.
Ananthasesha means endless snake. And during this world wasnt round? so, the flat world was held on by four elephants on four corners. And the turtle is second avatar (more like horcrux of the immortal) of Vishnu and the snake is his brother Anantha sesha, who also serves as his bed under the ocean where Vishnu resides with his wife Lakshmi.

Moral of the story: I understand the need to get patent now not just after watching "the social network". I wonder how did people in different part of continent in those days came up with same story and same imagination when the travel was almost to impossible before Magellan?

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  1. I love Norse mythology... I've sat for hours reading super nerdy wiki entries on the stuff. Nice post!

  2. so it's supposed to answer the "what's the turtle resting on?" objection, since the snake is self-supporting?

  3. I know it's Ananthasesha, but all I see is Anesthesia.

  4. it's incredible how every religion/culture has super similar stories and mythos

  5. What happens if the snake eats its own tail? Doomsday as well?

  6. @Chris-I feel yeah.
    @-E- - I didnt get you. Let me check bing.
    @Beer for shower- if that ananthasesha curls you up then you dont need anathesia.
    @brent - talk to me.
    @Dwei- Good thought. How much can he swallow? Till stomach?

  7. I just mean in general... they all have a creation story that involves some sort of sacrifice (except Christianity, who had theirs with the crucifixion) and they all have their final judgement type story.

    And most of them have some sort of prophet on earth dealio as well.

    It's all the same bullshit. Hell, the Romans stole all the gods from the Greeks.

  8. @Brent
    Totally agree with you.
    On lighter note, IT industry is surviving on the one principle ctrl+c and ctrl+v. Thanks to those Romans.