Friday, August 5, 2011

Achilles' heel or Duryodhan's private or Samson's hair?

Achilles' heel : Achille's mom Thetis, when he was a baby dipped him in Styx river which made him completely invulnerable. Since she was holding him by his foot upside down while dipping, the heel part didnt get wet and that stayed vulnerable and Paris killed him by attacking his heel.
Again one more old Indian wife's tale similar to Achilles heel.
Duryodhana :
Gandhari - "Indian perfect wife"- had divine poweraccumulated because of her faithfulness and devotion to her blind husband, ie she tied her eyes and refused to see the world which her blind husband wasnt lucky to see and enjoy.
The day before the fight between Duryodhana and Beema [morelike Hector and Achilles] Gandhri asked her son to take bath and come back and stand in front of her without clothes on.
Krishna [tricksterVishnu] predicted what was going to happen and confronted naked Duryodhana onhis way from holy bath in river, and made fun of him. So Duryodhana covered his groin and thighs with banana leaf and stood in front his mom.
Gandhari removed her eye patch and strengthed Duryoyodhana's entire body with her divine vision. Whichever part of Duryothana's body she was able to see became strong and invulenarable like steel. But the banana leaf covered part couldnt be, like Achilles' heel.
So, the next day during the fight, Beema couldnt attack Duryondhana and he was strong as steel even after strong blows and after Krishna's sign, he attacked Duryodhana in his private and thigh and immediately the bad guy fell dead.
Moral of the story : Flash your mommy. Listen to mommy always. ;-)

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  1. moral of the story: flash your mother?

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  2. @Ranthrope - Actually the moral from you sounds better than mine :)

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