Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Venom and the wives - Shiva/Parvati and Loki/Sigyn

Loki and Sigyn :
The gods of Asgard after getting tired with Loki and his tricks, sentenced him to be held in captivity till Ragnarok.
Some of his allegations:
1. Tricking Hoor to kill Baldr.
2. Accomplice in the kidnap of Idun and her apples.
3. Stirring fights between gods.
Some of his service to Asgard:
1. He tricked the giant to build the wall and screwed him from getting his payment.
2. He tricked the dwarfs to create priceless possessions for the Asgard gods.
3. He did bring Idun back.
The gods turned one of his sons Vali to wolf and made him tear apart the other son Narfi.
Then used the guts of the dead son to tie up Loki to three stones.
A poison spilling serpent was tied right above Loki's head and it was dripping venom alltime. 
Wifey: (too bad she doesnt even get more than 2 mention in the whole mythology)
The faithful wife Sigyn sat next to Loki and was capturing the venom in a bowl.
Earthquake and Loki:
During every interval ie the short while whenever she tries to empty the bowl, the serpent's dripping venom caused so much pain to Loki. And his writhe in pain results as earthquake as per Norse mythology.

Shiva and Parvati :
Butter recipe:

How do you churn the buttermilk to get butter?
You need:
Rope - The serpent Vasuki was used as the rope.
Pole - The mountain Mandara is the pole, since ocean is very deep to keep it from sinking you also need a float.
Float - Lord krishna took avatar of turtle which mounted the mountain and held it from immersing.
Hands - Instead of two hands to churn the rope at both sides, one side had Asuras(giants) at head and other side Devas(demigods) at the tail.
Buttermilk - here the ocean or the milky way is the buttermilk.
1. You twirl or churn the rope - The tug of war kind of motion between asuras and devas mimicked the churning process.
2. First you will get just the froth and foam. Discard the foam - Here instead of froth first they got poison "Halahala"
3. Then you will get cream, butter and stuff. They did get Lakshmi, Kamadenu, Divine horse etc., around 9 items - priceless possessions.
The poison "halahala" was too hot and too fierce it disrupted the churning process.
There was no place to throw the poison out. So the chief god of all, Lord Shiva offered to drink the poison and he did.
He was turning blue as a result of the poison, unable to bear this sight, the wife Parvati rushed and held his throat tight and prevented the poison from getting swallowed completely. The poison stuck in Shiva's throat forever.
Adam's apple and Shiva:
The stuck poison in throat remained as Adam's apple in men as per Hindu mythology and the deep voice.

Moral of the story:
1. Not all wives and women are poison, there may be exceptions like Sigyn and Parvati.
2. But the non-toxic wives are dumb.
( Sigyn, why cant she use a big bowl or a pipe to drain out the poison? Parvati, what happened to antidotes?)


  1. Very true and I like the Adam's apple explanation....

  2. I can see why Loki was used as a Marvel villian.

  3. Yeah, the eplanation for the Adams apple is really good. I think the best mystical explanation I've heard so far.

  4. So Loki is the cause of earthquakes. He is such a pain.

  5. Wow! Loki has quite the history! Good morals to the story! I'll remeber them!

    1. My morals are good. Thank you. My kids seem to disagree.

  6. Some dudes got WAY TOO MUCH adam's apple. Like, seriously.

    And yeaaaaah, I've mentioned before about the dick moves of the various pantheons. Altogether, Loki wasn't THAT bad a guy, certainly he's not on par with some other pantheon's badguys. He's more or less just a patsy who was once the homeboy of the bigger gods, y'know?

    I mean Odin was more than happy when his trickster ways were used on EVERYTHING AND EVERYONE ELSE, but the moment he even so much as looked at the Asgard denizens he becomes a villain.

    And huuuuuuh. Churning butter as a metaphor for gods and devils? And the poison being swallowed up by Shiva?

    And maaaaan, "I'll strangle him to stop the poison!"

    Every pantheon is just FULL of this kinda stuff. :3

    1. I totally agree with you. Those huge adamapples guys should suit with tie alltime or atleast throw a scarf around. Sometimes reminds me of MenInBlack freaky creepy aliens.
      As if a little guy in the throat has become mouthpiece for them.
      Odin one - perfectly put.

  7. lol non-toxic wives are dumb...this made me laugh

  8. That's quite a story, interesting read. Great post, keep it up.

  9. Good for Shiva. Way to step up and take one for the team. Good thing he had a good wife.

    1. He is a true leader right? If he were a one of 20th century, he would have hired a PR and tricked poison halahala as fancy aphrodisiac or like Pepsi or Coke and marketed it around the world.

  10. lol loki is awesome. play tricks on gods, gets away with it.

  11. This is one of those areas where the Norse Mythology kind of contradicts itself. While Loki is meant to be tied to this rock, he is still credited at other times for being the cause of things.