Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Abandoned wooden chest on waters: Sun-Karnan and Zeus-Perseus

Danae was imprisoned as a spinster by her daddy King Acrisius fearing the prophecy he heard from the oracle that his demise laid in hands of his daughther's son ie his grandson. The playboy King of Gods- Zeus came to her as gold shower and impregnated her.
After birth Acrisius, put his grandson as well as his daughter in a wooden chest and let it sail on Sea.
The chest was later found by a fisherman, who raised Perseus as his own son.
Perseus had his dad Zeus help him out, by getting him Adamantine sword, Hersus winged sandals, Hades's helm of darkness and Athena's shield, robot owl etc., through intimidation and bribery.,
Perseus leads a undeserving life like under par warrior and gets his way with Dad's dough. Which he manages to loose or discard after end of every quest.
Dummy guy given a hero status for no reason.
Kunti during her spinster days, had to serve a powerful hermit and after end of service, the sage offered her a boon which was, she could call upon any god of her choice, and receive a child through him. She wanted to test it out and called Surya- The Sun.
The Sun gave her a son.
She being unmarried couldn't afford to raise the baby, instead she put her baby inside a chest and let it sail on River Ganges.
The chest was later found by a charioteer and they raised Karnan as their own son.
And he grew up to be the most famous warrior of all times.
He being god of Sun, was born with jewels attached to his body and inherited all top qualities like mighty warrior, great personality, good looks, charity oriented, and kind and gracious from his dad - The Sun.
Karnan leads a cursed life and is denied many things just because of being a foster son of a charioteer.
Right hero wronged as a villain.

Moral of the story: This should go to Arnold Schwarzenegger. If you happen to father a kid, better to raise him far far away not necessarily put him on a chest and let him sail on waters. But can provide child support under a proxy like the above Sun or Zeus.

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  1. hence the awesome Clash of the Titans movie... but not that crappy new one.

  2. Really good moral and very apt for Arnie the twit.....

  3. I tried putting a child in a chest and letting it sail away on the river but apparently that's "child abuse" and "not an appropriate way to deal with someone's screaming child in a restaurant." However, I did get to enjoy the rest of my meal in silence, and deadbeat mom wasn't doing anything about it, so what's the problem???

  4. nice i did not know this nice share

  5. I've always loved greek mythology, although I think the story there about Perseus is a little bit off.....

  6. very interesting thanks for sharing!

  7. That's so weird! The same thing happened to me!

  8. HUH! All this hate about floating children and such.

    My parents put ME in a coffin and let me float down into the sea. Y'know what happened?

    I saved the world TWICE before the age of 5, then my parents forced me into proper public schooling where I had to learn how to NOT use my penis-tentacles as weapons.

    Bah. I'm half-monster, it's what I DO!

    As is I'm still banned from ever going back to Japan. I can never tell THAT story, either. Which sucks because it's such a doozy.

  9. My name comes from the Karna story. My dad's name is a synonym for Sun. :D