Thursday, March 20, 2014

Semele and Sanjna - Spouse is on fire, no, he is fire?

Greek mythology:
Semele: The mortal that got burnt

Daughter of Cadmus and Harmonia.
Semele and Zeus:
Zeus the playboy god of Olympus, fell in love with Semele just like other zillion women.
The jealous Hera,wife of Zeus, wanted to break it off. She disguised herself as nurse Beroe and served Semele and gained trust with Semele. 
When Semele became pregnant, Hera put an idea into her mind. She sowed seeds of doubt and jealousy in Semele.
Hera persuaded Semele to push Zeus to show his true-self ie god-like form to her.
Fire and the heat:
And the brainwashed Semele asked Zeus to reveal his true form and wasnt ready to take NO for an answer. 
Zeus, revealed himself in his full lightning-ignited flame, and that killed the frail human Semele.
Before her body was cold, Zeus snatched the unborn fetus from her and sewed it into his own thigh.
The son, Dionysus born via seahorse pregnancy of Dionysus,  with the permission of Zeus, went to the Underworld Hades and raised his mother Semele from the dead and brought her to Olympus and made her immortal goddess Thyone.

Hindu mythology: Run-away bride
Daughter of celestial architect and designer Viswakarma. Sanjna and Surya:
From childhood she enjoyed outdoors just to enjoy the warmth of the sun, she loved Sun. The parents noted their daughter's crush and when it was right time, they married off Sanjna to the Sun the god Surya.
The fire and the heat:
She was happy before Summer, but around Summer, she started to feel the radiance and unbearable heat of Sun. She couldnt bear the glow and the heat and wanted to leave him.
She created a lookalike of herself Chhaya - Goddess Shadow and replaced her in her place. Then Sanjna morphed herself into a mare and left Sun and her three kids to a jungle to live far away from Sun's heat and radiance.
Sun didnt notice that he had been duped and continued with Chhaya instead of Sanjna for longtime. One day when his wife's curse on his kid Yama came to effect, he knew that Chhaya wasnt Sanjna. (Mom's curse on her own kid doesnt come true, yeah right).
After learning the truth from Chhaya, he went in search of Sanjna.
Not to tick her off, he morphed himself into a horse and chased her, lured her and reconciled with her and lived with her for a while before he brought her back home.
She gave birth to twins Ashvins- the divine horsemen.

I always wanted to have a identical twin sister for this reason. And wanted to give birth to identical twins. I got twins but fraternal twins :) Sun couldnt figure out that he was living with another woman but figured out based on cursing?

Not able to break up with your galfriend? or need to divorce your wife?
" I showed my true form and my wife burned to ashes"
" This is not she, this is her lookalike, shadow "
you may be sent to psychiatric ward for a while, which is still a victory, right?


  1. A rubber room may need to come due indeed. Not sewing anything into my thigh lol that would hurt

    1. Sewing anything into thigh, I think Zeus was all worried about scars I guess, it didn't want to have scars in his torso or C-section scar in his bikini-? so he sewed in his thighs I guess.

      When I read Sanjana story for first time, I asked this question to my granny - "ozone blocks the sun's rays - so it makes sense for her to like spring and summer and enjoy sunshine, but solar system and sun stays in one place ,only earth rotates and moves closer and farther from sun, if she marries him and goes near of course she is going to get burnt. How did she not know that?"

      I know - not just marvel Avengers I over think/thought even in my childhood days :)

    2. He's got a rubber room. I know this for a fact.

    3. Blue - you are a liar. Fact 1 - rubber rooms has only 1 resident and when you come out dont you forget all after you become sane?

    4. Pat loves calling me a truthbender. Don't believe anyone who speaks cat haha. Rubber rooms have one resident? How come you know? You don't happen to be a rubber room expert in addition to being a rubber boot expert, like me?

    5. Blue is a liar, set is hair on fire!

    6. @Blue and Pat - Look at you two, going at each other. The above is the reason why they cant more than 1.

  2. Ever wondered why mythology and violence go hand in hand?

    1. Is Pope catholic? Come on Blue - myths and mythology are the tools I very much like to use against all those religious fanatics and nut jobs. If greek sisters didn't cook their son to take revenge on their husband or if norse goddess weren't sleeping with dwarfs for a necklace or hindu alpha gods didn't take zillion women as their concubines and wives - the nut jobs will come to us with their little holy books and ask us to burn candles to cure polio and drop some gold coins in temple bank to find a job and get a wife or a kid.

      Again, not to discount that in olden days they didn't even cameras or surveillance and no spaceships, so all they had to do was cook stories to kill people and kill people to stop people from asking questions.

      In hindu mythology there are 9 planets and sun and moon are among them and Mt.Kailash and Ceylon were the boundaries of the world. It is just not violence but stupidity as well.

    2. No, that's not what I meant. It just never ceases to amaze me how violent the human race is, is all. I hear you, alright. Can't say I'm particularly proud to be part of that legacy, so I'm trying hard to live a life as peaceful and useful too. I saw The Bucket List the other day and two questions were asked: "Did you find joy in your life?" "Did your life bring joy to others?"

    3. Love the bucket list questions, the profession I choose actually brought joy to me, the users who used applications I coded mayn't concur. but the my kids I think it brought joy. My elder twin son was asking me to stay with him at home and build lego all day long. And younger one said "hey let her go, you need to buy melting room lego pack. Then this guy said - ok then you go...
      But the other profession you gave me in your spaceship whip and costume, I am confident that I brought joy to others in that spaceship ;-)

    4. I remember when I was a kid back in the early 70s, I just couldn't get enough of playig with lego. I was addicted. A melting room lego pack... that's gotta be new. Yep that costume looks good on you, much better than my infamous boots on me. So I guess you beat me to it.

  3. So how many bitches did Zeus have? I say "bitches" because I'm of a firm belief that after you have more than 3 women in your life, you no longer have wives. You've just got bitches.

    Also, I'm pretty sure if I tried to go to a looney bin to escape, my wife would do something equally crazy to follow me there.

    1. :)
      I don't know the exact number, you know the greeks and egyptians, the sisters are wives too and the mom as well.

  4. There's an "Anti-elope"!?! Oh, never mind, I'm a "leope." That was a close one. The real quandary in this for me is, why did Zeus sew the baby onto his leg?

    1. Anti-elope.. I don't know. What do you call mommy trying to runaway from her kid in case she isn't able to handle? Anti-prodigal?

      About, Zeus and his thighs as uterus, and I tried to give my presumption before - Zeus didn't want scar marks in his bikini area, or in his torso, so thigh might have been a better choice.

  5. Forgot how dark mythology is until I read this. :-)