Saturday, March 15, 2014

Endymion/Selene and Kumbakarnana/Saraswati - Women in white as white noise and hibernation

painting: Selene and Endymion
Endymion - Greek Mythology
Son of Zeus and Calyce

The goddess Selene:Selene, the moon goddess fell in love with beauty and handsomeness of the sleeping Endymion when he was slumbering in cave of Mt.Latmus.

The gift and the curse:
His lover Selene asked Zeus to give him eternal youth and eternal sleep and immortality so that she could come everynight and violate him  when he is sleeping. The moon goddess visited him during his sleep not in his sleep and slept with him and they had 50 kids. 50 stars? Not sure.

See, in fairytales the prince always has to kiss the sleeping beauties to wake them up and then make love to them. Here the beauty put the prince to sleep and then kissed him and made love to him. And she had 50 kids with him.

Nappily ever before? Women should have the power of NO and also the impulse control I guess.

Kumbakarnan - Hindu mythology
Brother of antagonist Ravana in Ramayan.
He is huge and had a enormous appetite. Not just monstrosity of his size, but his pious and good natured attitude and courage made even the Lord of Deva's Indra jealous and be afraid of him.

The goddess Saraswati:
Saraswati is the goddess of knowledge,speech and education in hinduism and also wife of Brahma.

After Kumbakarna's deep penance Lord Brahma appeared before him and asked him what did he want as a gift. The scared Indra who didnt want Kumbakarna to be given any blessing  begged Brahma's wife Sarawasti to alter his words by manipulating his tongue.
The gift and the curse
He wanted to ask for Indra's seat (Indrasena) and instead Sarawasti made it to come out as Nidrasaana(bed to sleep) and another one was Nirdevatnam(annihilation of Devas) instead Brahma heard it as Nirdravatnam(sleep).

Brahma granted what he heard that is the cursed gift which was "He would sleep for six months in a year and stay awake for another six months"
and if he ever were to be awaken during his hibernation period he would die.
During Ramayana war, his brother forced and woke him up during his deep slumber and Kumbakarna died in the war.

There is a saying in Indian culture that you are not to wake any sleeping soul. That's one of the greatest sins.

Moral of the story:
Which is the bigger crime? Which is more immoral?
1.Putting a man to sleep and then violating him and getting the worst STD possible - kids - 50 kids.
2.When the man goes on deep penance ie skip food, sleep and pleasures of life for life and when he is about to get lucky with boon/gift from the god, you mess it up and change it to curse and change the climax forever?


  1. Wow, 50 kids now there is a brood. That is a bad std lol man messes everything up too, that part is sure true

    1. See, imagine the mess if she had to raise the kids all by herself when the dad was all passed out in couch in his man cave er say just cave.

  2. Sure, he was asleep while she had those 50 kids, but I bet he wasn't asleep when she went to go pick up that welfare check.

  3. What could she do? Sue him for child support?

    Take a pill and the save the bill.

    or say why bother when she can always pick up a check?

  4. I don't even want one kid but 50. jeeez

  5. See, now I won't be able to sleep again. I don't want to end up with 50 kids, thank you. Or one for Selene's sake.