Thursday, February 20, 2014

Erichthonius and Drona - Clone growing up in pot/box wombs

Son of Hephaestus but Athena
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Hephaestus is half-brother of Athena. He even helped his dad deliver Athena from his head by axing it.
Athena is virgin goddess. But when the virgin goddess sister came for help to procure some weapons, he overcame with lust and tried to chase and rape her.

The virgin goddess ran away rejecting his advances, the rejection led him to ejaculate. He did that on her thighs. The disgusted Athena wiped it away with wool and threw it in a box and closed it. That fluid become the monozygote (not a scientifically accurate term and this isn't a science blog ;)) for a fetus to develop inside the box.
The box became the womb for Erichthonius to develop to a full term baby.

I have thought about making homemade shampoos instead of whalesperm shampoos - now I am truly terrified. I cant have fetus growing inside shampoo bottles.

Son of Bharadwaj but Ghritachi
This sage was the son of Brihaspati. He had his hermitage on the banks of the river Ganga, close to the place where Ganga is born from the Himalayas.
One day, he went to the river to purify himself before performing his daily AgniHotra (fire) sacrifice. The Ghritachi was bathing in the river. As she arose from the river, her clothes got rearranged. When the sage beheld her semi-clothed beauty, he was struck with burning desire. He collected the fluid that emerged spontaneously from his body in a water pot.
Same logic, the monozygote developed to a fetus and grew up to become Drona.

This way doesn't involve morning sickness, mood swings or even the pot sized belly.

Pot becomes the belly.

Moral of the story:
Jerking off is genocide. Anti-masturbation is new code word for anti-infanticide.
( Dont miss this masterpiece )

All pro-life warriors should fight against wanking and fight to death to save life of all these potential babies to be born from wank spills.


  1. The rejection led him to ejaculate... How did that happen? Rejection made him hot? That must've been some box... no food needed whatsoever. Do you reckon we could buy it on Ebay?

  2. I remember this post... Don't ask me why.